’13 years old’ Joo Hyeon-woo passed the gifted and talented recruiting contest… Registered as the youngest professional driver in the current position

Joo Hyun-woo (13) broke through the barriers of the Youngjae Enrollment Contest and won the youngest pro title belonging to the Korea National Council.

Joo Hyun-woo defeated Han Ju-young (14) in the final round of the 20th Gifted and Talented Enrollment Contest held on the 4th and succeeded in joining.

With this, Joo Hyun-woo became the youngest professional player in office. Previously, the youngest professional player was Ki Min-chan (14).

Joo Hyun-woo said, “I really wanted to join the team, but I’m so happy. The support of my instructor and my parents, who told me to leave it unburdened and fun, was a big help.”먹튀검증 .

Joo Hyeon-woo’s first team showed his talent for baduk early on by winning the Presidential Cup National Baduk Competition, the Crown Haitai Cup Children’s Masters Competition, and the strongest elementary school division.

With the joining of Joo Hyun-woo’s first team, the total number of professional players belonging to the Korea Kiwon increased to 414.

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