⑤Lee Kyung-hoon standing shoulder to shoulder with PGA legends

* On the 2022-2023 season of the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, six members of the Korean Brothers, including existing members Lee Kyung-hoon, Kim Si-woo, Lim Seong-jae, and Kim Joo-hyung, as well as Ahn Byeong-hun and Kim Seong-hyun, who joined the new season, will welcome the new season with greater attention than ever before. are doing JTBC Golf focuses on 6 Korean players who will heat up the PGA Tour this year.


Kyung-hoon Lee Kyung -hoon (32) tasted the thrill of winning for the first time at AT&T Byron Nelson on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour held in May 2021. It has been five years since he entered the PGA Tour. And a year later, in 2022, he won another championship in the same competition. He was the first Korean player to win two consecutive championships. Even Choi Kyung-ju, who won 8 victories on the PGA Tour, has never won two consecutive victories in a tournament. Founded in 1994, there are only four players who have succeeded in winning two consecutive victories in this tournament, including Lee Kyung-hoon, ‘legendary golfers’ Sam Steeth, Jack Nicklas, and Tom Watson. Lee Kyung-hoon stood shoulder to shoulder with the legends.

Kyunghoon Lee won the 2021 AT&T Byron Nelson. [Photo by Getty Images]

After winning the gold medal in the team event at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Lee Kyung-hoon is an elite player who won several championships while touring Korea and Japan. But it wasn’t as easy as his PGA Tour debut. He entered the Web.com Tour (part 2 tour) in 2016, but his regular tour debut came three years later in 2018. It took him a long time to get his first PGA Tour win. Lee Kyung-hoon finally achieved the valuable fruit of winning his first championship only in his 80th game. It was possible because I persevered and did my best even in difficult situations. 슬롯사이트

Lee Kyung-hoon hugging the youngest Kim Joo-hyung at the 2022 Presidents Cup. [Photo by Getty Images]

Now 32, Lee Kyung-hoon has become the oldest Korean player on the PGA Tour. He is leading the development of K-men’s golf by silently leading his juniors. Based on his solid internal skills, Lee Kyung-hoon challenges the record of ‘three consecutive wins in one tournament’ this year. The 2023 AT&T Byron Nelson will be held for four days from May 12th (Korean time) to the 15th. Will Lee Kyung-hoon be able to decorate a page in PGA Tour history with his third championship trophy in his arms? Prior to this, Lee Kyung-hoon will challenge his first win of the season and his 3rd win in the tour career at the PGA Farmers Insurance Open, which opens on the 26th.

All rounds of the tournament will be broadcast live by JTBC Golf & Sports. The first round will be broadcast live from 4 am on the 26th.

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